Group Fitness Classes

Awakening Yoga
Peaceful morning practice that covers all intentions.
Butts and Guts
Jamie uses HIIT (high intensity interval training) along with core and lower body workouts to help tone muscles and loose body fat. This is a total body workout that will give you a good sweat.
Jump on one of our spin bikes and start pedaling! Spinning classes provide an intense cardio workout while still catering to participants of all fitness levels.
Varsity Sweat
A low-impact, cardio-interval class with moderations. Work through toning the entire body to upbeat, pop music in a 45-minute class with meditative cool down.
Interval Barre
While all barre workouts differ slightly in structure, most methods incorporate exercises done at a ballet barre (you will be using the back of a chair or bike in class) combined with elements of ballet, Pilates, and yoga.  Barre exercises rely mainly upon one's bodyweight for resistance, and the moves challenge your core stability and balance.
Hatha Yoga
This yoga class is designed to help you strengthen your core and build flexibility to keep you strong and balanced. To do so, the instructor will be combining Hatha and Yin yoga styles.