Life Fitness 90 Series
This cardio line is intelligently engineered, and has an aesthetically pleasing industrial design. Each piece comes equipped with “Zone Training” work out options. These options keep the user motivated by automatically adjusting the machine’s resistance to keep exercisers in their target heart rate zone. Other workouts include 10k and 5k runs, goal-based workouts, Fit Test and Military PRT/PFT fitness protocols. Also “Flexdeck” shock absorption system on the treadmills reduces knee and joint stress by up to 30%. Life Fitness is also the very first trainer to have a computerized exercise bike with the “Flexdeck” system. All of the 90 Series cardio line is equipped with “Lifepulse.” A patented digital heart rate monitoring system.
Life Fitness Pro2 Series
This circuit equipment gives new meaning to the word approachability. Created with 20 years of industry insight and biomechanical expertise, this powerful line of resistance training equipment is easy enough to understand that any novice can use it, yet powerful enough to give even the most experienced clientele a challenge. As a benefit to our members an “orientation” walk through is included in your membership in which we demonstrate how to properly use each piece of our Circuit Training equipment and give you a “Basic Work Out” sheet. This sheet details the equipment, the weight that is comfortable for you, and how many reps and sets you do. There are also instructions on each piece of equipment detailing both visually as well as in written form how to properly perform the exercise, and giving you an idea of the muscle group you are training.
Hammer Strength
The #1 brand of plate-loaded equipment in the world and offers some of the industry’s most advanced strength-training technologies. Hammer Strength implements ergonomic grip advantages, and utilizes converging and diverging arcs of motion. This allows users to move both limbs at the same time, independently, alternating or with different weights.

Hampton's Eclipse
This line features a patented “Snug-Grip”, it has a contoured ergonomic rubber handle that supports the hand’s natural curvature, creating a comfortable solid grip. Hampton’s patented Dura-Lock End Cap System secures the dumbbell with over a 100 foot pounds of pressure, making this product lock tight. With the beauty of chrome and the protection of rubber this dumbbell reflects the class and security of Anytime Fitness.