Massage Therapy

Edwardsburg Fitness Company is happy to open our new massage room!
Call (269) 414 - 4113 to schedule your appointment!

Massage has been used for thousands of years by many different cultures around the world as a way to improve the overall health of an individual.  It can do everything from strengthening our immune system to renewing the glow of our skin.

Edwardsburg Fitness Company is proud to bring the healing gift of massage to you our honored customers.  Our in-house massage practitioner will be offering free sessions in the next couple weeks, and we are inviting you to sign up for YOURS while there are still times available.


We all seek relief from it in our daily lives.  It affects every aspect of us, from our mood to our physical state of being.  It can lessen the quality of our sleep, raise our blood pressure, tense our muscles and even damage our organs.
These symptoms themselves can lead to a host of different and even more complicated physical and emotional issues.  Luckily, there is a healthy, inexpensive remedy for these and many other ailments.


As a member of Edwardsburg Fitness Co, you can also receive discounted rates
on our new service!

$45 Full Session
$23 Half Session

$60 Full Session
$30 Half Session

Membership has its advantages!

While anyone can schedule a massage at Edwardsburg Fitness Company, it benefits you to become a member at our gym - especially when it comes to getting a massage!